Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Forum for making a better tommorow !

It was pending & bothering me since long share a platform with
like minded matured people. As the title of my blog suggests , Kabir the poet
& Premchand the writer are two of my greatest mentors. It gives me courage
& enlightens my sometimes misty & clouded ideas and questions.
Kabir.....what a tragedy ! The man should have lived in today's world to show our incompetent
leaders the right way of being a leader. Even after 60 years of independence, India is still
struggling with the rightist extremism of being a Hindu & a Muslim . As if THE GOD made them
first a Hindu / Muslim and then gave them a body / mind/ life etc...
Religion is a personal choice & should be respected & encouraged to pursue whatever the faith
they believe into. If we fail to acknowledge the basic fact of being an Indian first & then the respective religions / regions etc... it would be extremely difficult to make an all round development.
The irony is that both the educated & uneducated are equally to be blamed for being obsessive
about their religion. We need a Modern Day Kabir to preach them & show them a way to live
& respect every other religions equally. We need to understand that by offering daily puja/ namaz ...we can not qualify to be a religious person. It's in the teachings of all the religions that
one should be compassionate / tolerant & helpful towards others....then only we can be termed as a truly religious person !!
Premchand was born much ahead of his time. His simple writings are really deceptive....they have much deeper meanings...if we try to analyse his works. My favourite being "Panch Parmeshwar ".....Wow ! a great work & an immortal classic ( I believe it seriously).
The above story has defined friendship in such a simple way " Unke toh sirf Vichar hi milte the ( Only their thinkings were similar )",referring to Jumman Sheikh & Algu Chaudhary , rest other things were quite religion/ food habits/ One being rich & other not so etc..
If we try to define friendship even today...then what really matters is the simple fact...that our thinkings should be similar , is n't it ? Wow...Premchand defined (friendship) it so correctly and yet so innocently.....amazing person !!
The other life defining quote of the above story is " Uttardayitva Ka Gyan Aksar marg Mein Path Pradarshak Ka Kam Karta Hai " ( Sense of responsibility often leads us to the right path to follow). You can try putting this equation into any problems/ any situations...and more often than will lead you to solve the problem.
If only...our so called leaders have had tried to understand & inculcate the teachings of Kabir & Premchand, then this country of ours could have become a paradise on this planet !!