Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Humanity is The religion "

What's my religion.......a Hindu ....by birth only !!
This question has been bothering me a lot......and lot many times. Why should I be confined to a particular religion only. I hate primarily everything.......which defines a boundary for me. Yes I am a born hindu only....but not in my thoughts & likings n dislikings . Then who am I...( religiously)?

Well there can not be( actually there isn't any ) a perfect religion which can satisfy me and answer all my questions. I like certain things in muslim religion , also certain good things of christianity & a lot of budhhism...
However this way it will be very difficult for me to be defined...which religion I belong to, isn't it ?

In Hindu mythology ...it has been very correctly mentioned that there is no religion greater than Humanity !!
Humanity means a global perspective for all your needs & wants and it also means that you need to respect
and love all the religions equally. Learn some good points from every religion possible and be a good human being first.

I love the way christians and muslims bury their dead ones....atleast you know the final resting place of your loved ones. You can go there and feel their soul.....and get the much needed peace. However in Hindu religion all the dead bodies are exhumed to fire....which I find very barbaric & uncivilized. There are so much
of caste and class differentiation amongst the Hindu religion....that everything associated with it ...makes me irritated & sad. A person should be respected for what he has contributed towards making the society a better livable place . This planet of ours will be a much better place to live in....if we all try to be a good humanatarian first !!