Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Self-Exploration !!

It happens with most of us....we are not in our best of moods, all the time. Inspite of having everything possible,we still crave for something more. It becomes all the more complicated , if we are asked what's is it,
i.e. bothering us !! We tend to give a blank expression or just say ...nothing,  everything is fine !! Though deep
within we know the fact that we are lying at that particular moment . Why does it happen & why so regularly...
it's not an easy explanation and it needs a rather thorough analysis.

The point to ponder is that how many of us are blessed with a decent analytical mind & how much are we ready to do the self-analysis. A person's needs & wants keep on changing during the different path of growing up.
However the basic interests & hobbies of our childhood remains as alive as possible within each one of us.
Due to various reasons ( mostly stupid ones....) , we tend to ignore our own likings & tend to venture out to
something else which we eventually don't like much. If we used to like music so much....who is stopping us from attending a good concert.....( be it Ghulam Ali's , Jaggit Singh's , jazz , country music, Rock-shows etc...) . Whether it's
official commitments or private ( like kid's exam , wife not willing to come...) compulsions , if we seriously want to go out ....then 3 hours are not that long a period that one can not manage. If one is a sporty person then it makes sense to indulge in some sporting activity in either week-ends or during evening hours. One can select the game according to convenience & locations like Badminton/ tennis/ table tennis/ swimming / Golf etc... If we do it on a regular basis then eventually it will make our body fitter & our mind will get a much needed oxygenated fresh air .
We should remember a basic fact that there is a child within each adult one of us....which longs to play ! Therefore don't let him die an unnatural death...but try to discover him & pamper him to be alive within
us ...as long as possible.


  1. Hi Shashi, I absolutely agree with your thoughts! I have also realized (late but never mind!) that we have to let the child within me play and enjoy life. It is sad that most people suppress themselves and feel miserable. Life is too short to waste...
    By the way, your letters are better now-I would change the font though and not the letters-but it's up to you of course.

  2. Thanks Liana for your encouraging comments..
    Yes we all go through this process ...some people take longer time to discover themselves &
    some at an early stage.